As composites have evolved, they have become the restoration of choice for fillings for many patients. In our office, we frequently use composite restorations for fillings because we can perform a better, more conservative, safer, and more cosmetically pleasing treatment. If placed properly, a composite filling can last longer than amalgam fillings and accomplish conservative treatments not possible with amalgam fillings. Composite fillings only replace the portions of your teeth that have been damaged and no additional reduction of healthy areas of your teeth is required. Additionally, composite restorations are bonded to your teeth. When properly placed with maximum bond strength, the composite restoration can strengthen the weakened tooth.

Advantages of white composite fillings over amalgams:

  1. Blends in naturally
  2. Less plaque accumulation and lowers chances for recurrent decay
  3. Less tooth structure must be removed to make space for the filling
  4. Easily repaired- any chips can easily be repaired seamlessly with surface roughening and addition of composite
  5. Reinforces remaining tooth structure- since the composite is bonded to the tooth, it reinforces the remaining structure and prevents forces from causing cracks and fractures with repeated chewing
  6. Seals the dentin from future decay